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👋 Welcome to the Songfox Help Center! We are here to answer your questions. Can't find what you're looking for? Send a message to our support team at or ask in the chat!

1. About Songfox

What is Songfox?

Songfox is a unique platform that connects artists with people who want to create custom written songs as gifts or gifts for their loved ones.

2. Become an Artist

Can I work with Songfox part-time?

Yes, it is possible to work with Songfox as a part-time artist. You can decide yourself how many orders you want to receive based on your available time and capacity, there are no requirements or obligations.

Can I work with Songfox as an artist even if I don't live in Sweden?

Yes, it is possible to work with Songfox as an artist even if you do not live in Sweden.

How do I become an artist on Songfox?

To become an artist on Songfox, you must apply through their official website. You need to submit information about your musical background, test recordings or songwriting samples, and any previous experience creating personal songs and then creating a test song without compensation.

3. Work as an artist

How much time do I have as an artist to create the song?

The time frame for creating a song is 10 days and with express delivery between 3-8 days. On average, it should take between 1-4 hours to create songfox songs.

How does Songfox work for artists?

As an artist at Songfox, you get the opportunity to create personal and tailored songs for customers. You get access to order information and can then create an original song based on the customer's story and wishes.

What kind of songs do I create as an artist?

As an artist on Songfox, you create songs in a variety of genres and styles, including pop, rock, country, R&B, and more. The songs can be of different lengths and adapted to the customer's wishes.

4. Payment and Taxes

How do taxes work?

If you take it through the company, you handle and are responsible for the tax. If you take it as a private person, you will receive the compensation and after tax + VAT, which Gigapay takes care of for you.

How does payment work for artists on Songfox?

All payments are paid out on the 5th of every month through Gigapay. You can choose to withdraw it as a private person or via your company. You receive 50% of SEK 2,495. To the extent that the customer orders additional verses and pays for extra services such as express delivery, the Artist receives 50% of the additional compensation paid for these verses. If you make under 9 songs per year

5. Support

What kind of support is offered to the artists on Songfox?

Songfox provides support to its artists through a dedicated contact person or customer service team. You can get help with technical questions, payments and any concerns that may arise during the creation of the songs.

6. Using own Songs

Can I use my own songs as an artist on Songfox?

Yes, as an artist on Songfox, you have the opportunity to use your own songs as reference samples to demonstrate your style and talent to potential customers.

Can I reuse material from previous song creations?

Yes you can reuse 50% of previously created songs via Songfox

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