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common questions

How long will it take before I receive my song?

Our talented artists put great care and time into each song to ensure it is as good and personal as possible. After you place your order and we have all the details we need, you can expect to receive your custom song within 14 days.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

It is important to us that all songs created should maintain a high level both in production and sound quality. We listen through each song and check that it meets our conditions before we deliver it to you. It is important to remember that music is very much a matter of taste and that the result is not always exactly what you intended, therefore we do not offer refunds after a song has been created and approved by us - however, you can always contact our support if you think there are particular grounds for your dissatisfaction that you think we should know about.

How much does a song cost?

A song costs SEK 2495.

How to get the song delivered?

You get the song sent by email in MP3 format.

Who owns the rights to the song?

The artist owns the rights to the music, but you own the right to use and play the song at private events. Remember that you may not cut or alter the material.

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