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Turning memories or stories into a song to give away

Songfox is the platform for everyone who dreams of their own song. Surprise a loved one with a personalized song - a priceless gift they will never forget.

How does it work?

What will the song be about?

Let us know who the song is for and share why she deserves something special. Use our prompts to tell all about your special someone, your relationship, or your favorite memories together.

What feeling should the song have?

Choose what feeling the song should have. Should it be a quiet ballad or a pop hit? Regardless of the occasion, we can create a song that fits. It is entirely up to you to decide in which way.

Selected artists create a unique song

The featured artist from our community creates a song based on your selections. Once the song has been produced, it's ready to download within two weeks, then just listen as much as you want.

A moment that will always be remembered

Fancy a taste? Explore our custom songs on Spotify now!

Give a gift that lasts

Express your feelings for someone you care about with a custom song

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Songs for all occasions

Who doesn't like music? Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or any other celebration, we're here to help you share your memories and stories through music!

A unique gift you won't forget

The perfect gift for a wedding, Christmas present, Valentine's Day or as a regular gift on the anniversary!

A song says more than a thousand words

Featured artists

Artist 1

Tobias Fuhr - Cowboy

Tobias likes to make music and has done so for as long as he can remember. He studied music production in Lund and now has his own studio in Nacka, Stockholm. He is very much into Pop and Rock with melodies that get stuck in the head.

Artist 2

Ralph Charlie - Only One

Ralph Charlie is a songwriter, singer and producer who can adapt his sound to all kinds of genres and always loves the challenge of writing new lyrics. He studied at the University of Gothenburg's music college and today writes songs for artists around the world and for his own artist project.

Artist 3

Mary - Mountain King Hall

I write in Swedish and English! I feel most at home in styles like pop and Americana! Do everything from laid-back ballads to songs fit for the dance floor!

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Build your fan base and earn money doing what you love

Write and record custom songs, grow your audience and earn money at the same time - Join the Songfox Community with artists today!

common questions

How long will it take before I receive my song?

Our talented artists put great care and time into each song to ensure it is as good and personal as possible. After you place your order and we have all the details we need, you can expect to receive your custom song within 14 days. NOTE: If you are out at the last second, you can buy for express delivery which is expedited within 3 days

What happens if I am not satisfied?

It is important to us that all songs created should maintain a high level both in production and sound quality. We listen to each song and check that it meets our criteria before we deliver it to you. It is important to remember that music is very much about taste and that the result is not always exactly what you intended, therefore we do not offer refunds after a song has been created and approved by us - however, you can always contact our support if you think there are particular grounds for your dissatisfaction that you think we should know about.

How much does a song cost?

A song costs SEK 2495.

How to get the song delivered?

You get the song sent by email in MP3 format.

Who owns the rights to the song?

The artist owns the rights to the music, but you own the right to use and play the song at private events. Remember that you may not cut or alter the material.

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