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Tell other people's stories with your own music

With Songfox Community, you reach new listeners and earn money at the same time. Join us today, it's easy! You choose which assignments suit you and can easily handpick your requests.

Write and record custom songs

Songfox collects requests from consumers and companies who wish to give tributes in the form of personalized songs for various occasions. It can be birthdays, weddings or someone who has been promoted at work. Songfox then offers musicians to write and record these songs for a fee.

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  1. You will receive a request from us in the form of a text and information about what type of song is desired and who it should be about. You will receive a text written by the consumer to then create a song based on that text, all the text does not have to be in the song. You then have 24 hours to accept or decline.

  2. If you accept the assignment, you have 5 days to write and record the song. You then send the song to us in Mp3 format.

  3. Songfox quality checks the song and if the song is approved, you get the money paid out to your account.

Meet one of our artists Dani

What should I be aware of

We value quality

It is important to have a good quality of the song. Full mixing and mastering is not required, but the sound needs to be clean and not demo-like when played back. Many of our artists record their songs in home studios.

What length should the song be?

Songs are usually two to four minutes long and traditionally consist of two verses and two choruses – but the only limits are your creativity and the structure is yours to experiment with to get the best results.

You can be as creative as you want

Your creative integrity is important to us and we believe that the best results are achieved by allowing the artist to live out their ideas as much as possible. Usually our songs consist of vocals and one or two instruments, but add as many instruments as you like.

What will I receive in compensation?

Become a member today to work on what you love!

As an artist, you receive 50% of the cost that the consumer pays. Currently, a song costs SEK 2,495. You can choose to have the money paid out directly to your private account or to your company.

Do you want to work with what you love? Do as several artists have already done and become a member today!

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