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Discover some of our talented artists

On Songfox there are several talented musicians from all over Sweden in all different genres who are ready to create your song!

Tobias Fuhr

Tobias likes to make music and has done so for as long as he can remember. He studied music production in Lund and now has his own studio in Nacka, Stockholm. He is very much into Pop and Rock with melodies that get stuck in the head.

Ralph Charlie

Ralph Charlie is a songwriter, singer and producer who can adapt his sound to all kinds of genres and always loves the challenge of writing new lyrics. He studied at the University of Gothenburg's music college and today writes songs for artists around the world and for his own artist project.


LEIA is a young girl who has created music all her life and is passionate about both production and writing music! Pop is her main genre but has written everything from RNB and HipHop to EDM!

Shalisa Taylor

Shalisa Taylor is a songwriter and performer who has been writing songs almost her entire life, both for her own artist projects and for others. Previously, she studied singer/songwriter at Kulturama and also has a Master's in songwriting from ICMP in London. She personally loves acoustic pop with strong melodies and lyrics that make you stop and forget the outside world for a while.

Andrew Jazz

Andreas Nordlander is a songwriter and is inspired by everything from songs, folk music and rock. He writes both instrumentally and with lyrics.

Jacob Einarsson

Jakob is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Currently studying jazz at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and following his dream of becoming a freelance musician and producer/songwriter. Jakob is an omnivore in music and uses this to his advantage in his music creation. With knowledge of the sound of pop, the rhythm of hip-hop and the harmony of jazz, he has developed his own creativity and sound!


Been writing and recording my own music for over 40 years now, and it's still getting funnier and better all the time. The best thing I know is to help people express how they feel, tell their story. That's why I'm here.

Moe Mila


Toby Rider

Well-established hard rock artist who makes humorous music on the side.

Wilma Ås

Wilma sends out everything from happy pop to melancholic tunes. The inspiration is also rooted in musical theater and 60s rock. She puts playful piano and a strong melodic language at the forefront. The productions alternate electronic and organic elements.

Tim Damerau

Tim Damerau is a versatile artist and songwriter who has appeared on both radio and newspapers and has a lot of hits behind him including "Kärlek & Tillit"
If you want a song that feels genuine and goes straight into the soul, Tim is the right person to create your own song. Tim Damerau has over several thousand streams on Spotify and is described as a very emotional songwriter who makes his songs stick immediately with his voice and guitar.

Elin Louise

She loves to write ballads and calm pop music with soul-friendly melodies that settle on the brain, and debuted in 2019 with her single "Leaving town". In 2022 she became one of the finalists in the radio competition P4 next in Kronoberg county with the song "Lilla vän" - a love song she wrote for her newborn baby sister. In addition to her own music, she writes songs for others and sings at various events."For me, music is a way to channel all my emotions, and that's why I think it will be so much fun to write a song for YOU! I have a lot of focus on lyrics and cozy melodies, and want to help you express everything you feel in a way that touches (hopefully to tears). That the customer is satisfied is my highest priority."

Elvira Aspenroot

Elvira is 21 years old and has been involved in music for as long as she can remember. Screaming songs and setting lyrics to music is one of the things she knows best. Elvira listens a lot to soul, rnb, jazz and pop, which is reflected in the music she makes. She also thinks it's fun to experiment with other styles of music. The plan is to be involved in music in some way for the rest of your life.

Dani Massaad

Dani is a singer and songwriter studying her final year at the University of Gothenburg's College of Stage and Music. In addition to singing, he plays the piano, guitar, bass and drums at a high level. He has studied music since childhood and has been active as a singer and pianist in various bands where he has created music in several styles and genres. This makes him very flexible in terms of the type of music he can write and record. Much of Dani's own music has a strong connection to the 60s/70s/80s tradition, but he is also capable of writing and producing modern music.

Eric Jonasson

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Demi is a creative artist soul who has been making music for over ten years, in many different forms and genres. Everything from music production to songwriting to live performances. And everything between indie pop, reggae and electronic dance music. Music has been strongly present both inside and outside the music college, and in both serious and unpretentious projects. Demi has worked as a sole creator and actor as well as with other collaborators.

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