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Live performance of Your Personal Song


Product description

Imagine the magic of not only having a personal song written just for you, but also having it performed live by the talented artist behind it. With our live performance add-on, your unique music experience will be even more memorable!

What is included?

  • A live performance of your personalized song by the selected artist.
  • Ability to work directly with the artist to discuss specific requests or details regarding the performance.
  • An unforgettable musical experience that you can share with friends, family or special someone.

Price information

The price for this additional service varies depending on the artist's availability, experience and other specific requirements. As each artist is unique, costs may vary.

How to book: Are you interested in adding a live performance to your order?

Please contact our customer service for more detailed information and price estimate for your chosen artist, .

"She performed live at our wedding"
The way I described my husband and that you could create such a nuanced and clear picture of him, With the joy and play in the music that I wanted. Songfox answers my questions quickly and that feels very important and I can absolutely recommend Songfox. I have heard Stina Klintbom before and she was my choice of artist. Stina is talented, professional and I like her voice.
- Susanna

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Live performance of Your Personal Song


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