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Carl Lidberg



rock , Pop


Carl Lidberg is an artist, songwriter and producer with extensive experience in the music industry. Educated at the Academy of Music and also works as a professional guitarist. Carl runs a music studio in Linköping and works in many different genres, everything from show, pop, rock to hard rock. Many of his productions are widely played on the radio. Carl is both a solo artist and is also part of various band constellations.

 "For me, music is a way to convey something from my deepest being, a warm, genuine feeling that goes straight through the shell many of us have built up. With my warm and present voice, I want to help you convey what you want to say, give as a gift to someone who is in your life and maybe close to you. It would be an honor for me to do your song” 
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Carl Lidberg

Here I Am

Pop, Rock

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